“How Far to Bethlehem?” A song about traveling at Christmas time.

"Takeoff Delay" A jazz lament to an indecisive lover.

Choral music

“Now I Understand” Changing attitudes about aging as we age for male chorus and piano.

“Dao De Jing” 14-movement a capella cantata for mixed chorus with text in Mandarin from the Chinese classic book by Laozi. (samples available)

“I Lift My Eyes” A capella Christian hymn on the text of Psalm 121.

"Requiem for the Decimated" A piece for chorus and orchestra memorializing all those who died of neglect during the height of the AIDS epidemic. (samples available)

"No Air" A capella piece for soprano solo and mixed chorus on unrequited love.

Instrumental music

“Podcast theme” A suggested opening tag for a podcast.

“Heavens” String quintet written for an animated film, this section about God’s creation of the heavens in Genesis.

“Buggs Bunny 2017” Woodwind quartet written for a cartoon.

“Summus Dæmonum Planctus” Duet for organ and violin featuring the laments of arch demons. (samples available)

“Autumn Winds” Woodwind quintet suggesting falling and blowing leaves.

Piano music

"Sunrise in Beijing" Suggesting the sun hitting the Temple of Heaven in Beijing at daybreak.

"Cloudburst" Reminiscent of a thunderstorm arriving and leaving.

"Dish Rag" Playful jazz ragtime.


The Repugnant Tap
A family opera for 2 sopranos, 2 tenors, 1 alto, 1 bass, chorus, and string quartet about 3 evil sorcerers who use up their magic and have to do good deeds to get it back. (samples available)
"Revenge" is a company chorus from Act I, scene 1.
"Creating an Oracle" is a trio from Act II, scene 1.
“The Oracle’s Prophecy” is a soprano aria from Act I, scene 2.
"Reunion" is a duet recitative from Act I, scene 3.

Nine Dead Women
A contemporary opera with jazz and classical influences centering on the death in a prison hospital of Imelda Marcos, and eight ghosts that visit her. Cast of nine women, no chorus. (not yet available)