“How Far to Bethlehem?” A song about traveling at Christmas time.

Choral music

“Now I Understand” Changing attitudes about aging as we age for male chorus and piano.

“Dao De Jing” 14-movement a capella cantata for mixed chorus with text in Mandarin from the Chinese classic book by Laozi. (samples available)

“I Lift My Eyes” A capella Christian hymn on the text of Psalm 121.

Instrumental music

“Podcast theme” A suggested opening tag for a podcast.

“Heavens” String quintet written for an animated film, this section about God’s creation of the heavens in Genesis.

“Buggs Bunny 2017” Woodwind quartet written for a cartoon.

“Dish Rag” Jazz swing for solo piano.

“Summus Dæmonum Planctus” Duet for organ and violin featuring the laments of arch demons. (samples available)


The Repugnant Tap
A family opera for 2 sopranos, 2 tenors, 1 alto, 1 bass, chorus, and string quartet about 3 evil sorcerers who use up their magic and have to do good deeds to get it back. (samples available)
"Revenge" is a company chorus from Act I, scene 1.
“The Oracle’s Prophecy” is a soprano aria from Act I, scene 2.

Nine Dead Women
A contemporary opera with jazz and classical influences centering on the death in a prison hospital of Imelda Marcos, and eight ghosts that visit her. Cast of nine women, no chorus. (not yet available)