I have written poetry all my life, but in the past few years, I have focused on the niche of science fiction poetry. I will link to poems here once they are published. Some titles to look for: “Consolation from the Bottom of the Lake,” “The Goodbyes,” and “We Must Have a Worm Problem.”

A Stable Up (published on Twitter)

Somewhere in my head
maybe ears or feet
my body yearns for

Floating with no
gravity and
hallways coming at me
from all angles

They say it will hurt
me when we
arrive there bones breaking with
new weight

I will bear it
so I can raise my
arms look between and always see
the same Up

Poetry collections

Sansouci Station (samples available)

Humorous sci-fi in verse. The concierge of humanity’s most distant space station offers insights about aliens he meets from his journal.