The Lever (published June 21, 2022, by Queer Space Books, an imprint of Rebel Satori Press, 381 pages)
In a future where birth rates around the world are in decline, the North American Army must go to extremes to recruit soldiers in preparation for an alien invasion that may already be underway. LGBT characters and no graphic sex scenes.
The Miraculous Life of Rupert Rocket  (to be published April 16, 2024 by Queer Space Books, an imprint of Rebel Satori Press)
Rupert Rocket is the third generation of his family to be cursed by one Irish fairy and blessed by another. He tries to live his life not knowing which will win out. LGBT lead character, no graphic sex scenes, magical realism/urban fantasy.
The Chronicles of Bauble
Book 1: The Walking Trees of Bauble (available, 136k)
Book 2: The Sacrifice of Bauble (available, 110k)
Book 3: The Battle for Bauble (unwritten)
Humanity's first forays to other star systems introduces them to both friendly and hostile aliens. A space opera for the whole family.
Time Bump (available, 85k)
A time travel story that can be read sequentially or nonsequentially, because the chapters are numbered but not in numerical order. A young grad student finds himself able to travel through time and space at will, but in being saved from death in 2001 in the collapse of the World Trade Center, he is bumped out of time, which gives him the ability to move through time in the past. Paradoxes abound!
The Silent Interrogator  (5% written)
Donovan Casey, the blind and disabled telepath must discover the truth behind five deluded witnesses' accounts to save the Earth from destruction. LGBT lead character with disabilities, no sex scenes, some graphic language, first contact, sci-fi.
Iyè-Inú (available, 14k)
African gods with amnesia try to regain their memories stolen by a trickster god. Graphic language, no graphic sex scenes, POC characters.
Short stories
The Axe (published in 2017 by Electric Spec), a teen boy receives the family battle axe that allows him to travel back in time one day. Humorous fantasy.
Empynine Makes Good (published in 2018 by New Myths), a robot caretaker goes to extremes to help its paraplegic owner. Sci-fi.
Laudable Motives (published in 2018 by Monologging), a robot nurse learns to deceive in caring for a woman with dementia. Bittersweet sc-fi.
What We Remember (published in 2019 by Compelling Science Fiction), a rescue team arrives on an alien planet covered in a sentient fungus. Sci-fi.
Gods of Commerce (to be published in 2023 in Disobedient Futures), a man gets a promotion and thinks he is being teleported to a moon of Saturn for the first time. Sci-fi.
The Night Tower (available), a teen boy in Bhutan must peform his family's duty to turn back the monster that arrives every summer solstice. Adventure fantasy/sci-fi.
The End of the Highway (available), a warp highway construction crew deals with first contact. Sci-fi.
A Fair Fight (available), a botanist is called in to investigate the yellow fog alien spacecraft have spread through Earth's atmosphere. Horror/sci-fi.
Trapped at Seven (available), an accident leaves two physicists back in their bodies and lives of over 45 years before. Sci-fi.
Shimmer (available, 10k), a homicide detective falls for the brother of one of his victims in this mash-up of police procedurals, dimensional sci-fi, and gay romance.
Firewalker Boy (available). a Hawaiian teen finds strange things happening to his body when he sleepwalks. Sci-fi.
Anarcopia Leeches (available), CDC agents encounter the next evolution of an interdimensional parasite. Horror/sci-fi.
Agent of Allah (available) a teen girl in South Dakota rescues a forestry robot and introduces it to Islam. Sci-fi.
The Birthday Gift (available) a male sex surrogate robot becomes a 16th birthday gift for a wealthy boy. Sci-fi.
Where the Children Sleep (available) a mother enlists a robot nurse to help find her kidnapped son. Sci-fi.
Flash fiction
What Will You Offer? (published in 2019 by Factor Four Magazine), a young homeless girl in Rio encounters an alien who asks her for a gift. Sci-fi.
An Unexpected Cookie (available), the tide of battle for an alien planet finally turns when a soldier tries a low-tech gambit. Humorous sci-fi.
Dreamfish (available), a gay couple vacations in Spain and tries a halucinogenic fish toxin with frightening properties. Humorous sci-fi.
Why There Are No Superheroes (available), case study vignettes of a failed superhero development program. Humorous sci-fi.
Rebound Point (available), a young Martian doctor throws in her fate with a thief from Earth. Sci-fi.
The Tube (available), a personal assistant on the Moon gets more serious revenge on her ex-boss than she expected
Short Story Collections
The Lightest Touch
Kinesis (available)
Auto-CAD (available)
Two imprisoned criminals from the far future escape to the late 21st century and challenge each other to a contest: who can kill someone chosen with the least amount of effort and in an ironic way.
Mrs. Babbage’s Home for Wayward Robots
Empynine Makes Good (published in New Myths, March 2018)
Laudable Motives (published in Monologging, June 2018)
Agent of Allah (available)
The Birthday Gift (available)
Where the Children Sleep (available)
The owner of a home for unwanted and retired robots tells the stories of some of her residents to a visitor.